Jets’ NFL Draft No. 2 pick receiving little interest for trade: report

313308582 041620 NFL DRAFT 2020 Treated Art -JOE DOUGLAS v1

313308582 041620 NFL DRAFT 2020 Treated Art -JOE DOUGLAS v1

The Jets are seeing “very little interest” from teams regarding a trade for the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapport. And it makes sense why.

Following the Sam Darnold trade, the Jets are almost certainly going to take their new quarterback of the future — Zach Wilson has been the consensus prediction to New York in the draft later this month.

GM Joe Douglas basically said so himself on Tuesday while addressing the Darnold trade.

“I think that’s a fair assessment to say, based on the decision we made yesterday” Douglas said on the Jets taking a QB at No. 2. “You can kind of see the direction we’re heading when it comes to pick two.

“Obviously, never say never. … I’ll always answer the phone if it’s ringing.”

Based off those comments, it’s just a matter of which quarterback the Jets decide to go with. Wilson is the overwhelming favorite, but Douglas was there to see Justin Fields, Trey Lance and Mac Jones during each of their Pro Days. So the process, as he said, is still ongoing to make sure they have the right guy to take over after Darnold’s departure.

“As we sit here now, we still have our process that needs to be worked through” Douglas said. “Next week we’re getting together with our scouts and coaches, we’re going through draft meetings, we’re going through every player. So there’s certainly some meat left on the bone when it comes to our draft process.”

And because the Jets will have the pick of the litter after Trevor Lawrence presumably goes first overall to the Jacksonville Jaguars, it wouldn’t make sense to move down in the draft. They want their guy and they’ll have first choice before other teams that are expected to go quarterback first — like the San Francisco 49ers who traded up to No. 3 overall — get their shot.


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