Jones: Fight against Ngannou ‘will happen’


Fans hoping to see one of the most anticipated heavyweight fights in recent memory might just get their wish. Jon Jones feels confident a fight against champion Francis Ngannou is going to happen.

Jones spoke to and confirmed he believes the fight “will happen,”

At the beginning of the video, Jones said he “hopes” the fight will happen and added he’s getting in shape just in case. Around the 1-minute mark, Jones was asked how confident he feels about both sides coming together. Jones answered, “I think it’s going to happen. I think it’s going to happen. I think the UFC, eventually, will do the right thing.”

Jones is hoping for a mega payday if he takes on Ngannou. Immediately following Ngannou’s win over Stipe Miocic in March, Jones tweeted “show me the money,” a presumed directive toward UFC president Dana White. Both Jones and Ngannou are interested in the fight, so it’s just a matter of White making the money worth it for Jones.

What are chances Jon Jones fights Francis Ngannou?

While that tweet — and subsequent ones — from Jones indicate things are rocky from a negotiation standpoint, there’s optimism the bout will happen. Our own Kevin Iole believes it will get done, citing Jones saying the fight was an “opportunity of a lifetime.”

Jones’ comments Thursday indicate he believes the fight will take place as well. Given the hype surrounding Jones and Ngannou, whatever it takes to get Jones on board will likely be well worth it for UFC.

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