The 11-year veteran has retired from the NFL, Iupati told The Spokesman-Review.

“My body was telling me it was time to close the door,” Iupati told the publication in a story published Monday.

Iupati’s career spanned stints with the San Francisco 49ers (2010-2014), who made him the 17th-overall pick in 2010, Arizona Cardinals (2015-2018) and Seattle Seahawks (2019-2020), and included four Pro Bowl selections and a first-team All-Pro honor in 2012.

A model of toughness, Iupati played through multiple injuries in the latter portion of his career, most notably dealing with a chronic neck issue that began in 2015 and ultimately convinced him his time in football was over. Iupati told The Spokesman-Review his goal was to play 10 seasons, and he finished one better, retiring after 11 campaigns.

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