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Addicted to Spuds: Taco Bell brings back Beefy Potato-rito

Taco Bell is constantly toying with our hearts. The fast food chain has axed more than one beloved menu item in favor of streamlining its operations, and each time one of its crispy, beefy, cheesy creations is put up on the chopping block, there’s an inevitable backlash from fans. Sometimes those protests are heard loud and clear, as was the case with Taco Bell’s widely adored potatoes: when they went away, T-Bell’s profits rose, but the outcry was so agonizing that the potatoes have made their triumphant return to locations nationwide. And now, those spuds are being featured in the Beefy Potato-rito, a $1 combination of crispy potato bites, beef, nacho cheese sauce, and Creamy Chipotle sauce in a flour tortilla, available starting April 15.


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